Global.Lifeline provides strategic solutions for search & rescue, emergency evacuation, disaster response, and security extractions. We also specialize in physical security, intelligence, survival medicine, and tactical operations. Our platform allows for 24/7 global communication monitoring by our operations center. We're proud to be an exclusive provider for travel risk assessments and crisis management solutions.   


Our +Membership offers exclusive access to travel risk assistance, secure air transportation, monitored global communication, emergency & disaster response, evacuations, and security extractions. We offer several available client package options to best fit your needs. Satellite & cellular global communication devices can be purchased through Black Cell, or compatible already owned devices can be linked to our operations center. For more information, see our +Membership page. 


During an emergency or disaster incident, our operations center will update critical information to help keep you informed and safe. We work closely with emergency management teams, and coordinate information as needed. Response map features include location specific information, check-in capability, and a pass code to share with family and friends for Map.Share. Map.Share allows for loved ones to easily see your ok, even when communication blackouts occur. 


When you find yourself in extreme environments, remaining visible is extremely important. In a disaster situation, emergency response has a high potential to temporarily become unavailable. Responders have to wait until the area is safe to begin response operations. Communication can also go dark, leaving your location unknown. Check-in allows for you to update your location, which then is made available on our response team maps. Your location is kept secure, and will be forwarded only to emergency management teams. You can also send updated pictures of your location. If you have a satellite & cellular device or application, check-ins are in accordance with your specified device. Knowing where you are, will let rescue and evacuation teams get to you. Time is everything, and we don't waste a second of it. 


+Member Free Monitored Application

As a +Member, you'll have exclusive access to a free mobile application that's monitored by our operations center. You'll also have one free Trip Overwatch risk assessment per month. Our Global.Lifeline team will customize your client profile, which includes Global Rescue Unit deployment, escalation protocols, access to secure air transportation, and updated flash notifications for if your in an area that's at risk for disaster or emergency incident. 

+Member Advanced GPS & Cellular 

If you have any of our compatible GPS rescue devices, or advanced mobile application, this client package is for you. This includes monthly monitoring pricing. Devices can be purchased through Black Cell, or compatible devices can be linked. Satellite communication devices allow for 24/7 monitoring, and SOS alerting. You'll have unlimited Trip Overwatch risk assessment capability. 


SOS capability is available through +Membership. Whether your lost in the wilderness, in an emergency situation, or need evacuation, our team is ready to help. We utilize GPS SOS rescue devices to ensure you remain connected. Purchase a SOS device through Global.Lifeline, or connect your own that you already have. Consult with our team for compatible SOS devices. Mobile applications are supported. As a +Member, you also can connect with our operations center if SOS activation is needed. We offer several means of communication. 


Drone requests remain available to the public. No Global.Lifeline membership is required. Drone request allows for easy check-ins to inaccessible areas. You can easily receive updated images and video for areas that have been hit by a disaster. This innovative approach allows for you to check-in on a property, or a friend/family member. We work closely with local, state, and federal agencies during incidents to help monitor situational awareness, reconnaissance operations, and check ingress/egress routes. 


 Join our Global.Lifeline response team as a drone pilot. You'll have endless opportunities, and can receive payouts for completing drone missions. To join our team, pilots must have part 107, exemption 333, or other specialty waivers. 

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