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With our eight page magazine, we put local businesses in the spotlight. You as the business owner can offer deals, discounts, coupons, and much more directly to the consumer. Our magazines are strategically placed throughout your city. You'll find them in areas of large social venue, waiting rooms, cafes, lobbies, and many other locations. 

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Let us guide you through the easy signup process below. Take advantage of our built in ad order process. After your purchase, we will contact you to discuss your content design. 

Step 1

Tell us a little about your business, and what type of ad your interested in.

Awareness Ad

Tell local consumers about your business. This is used to showcase products or services.

Deals, Discounts, & Coupons

Increase sales by offering incentives to get local consumers to make purchases. 

Step 2

Choose the type of ad space that works best for your business. 

Cover Page Ad

This is for awareness ad's only. Your ad is made exclusive on the magazine cover. 

Mini Ad 

Your ad is displayed in a squared format, typically alongside other ad's. 1/4 of page.

Half Page

Your ad takes up half of the page, either at the top or bottom of the page. 

Full Page

Your ad gets a full page spread. Used best to deliver lengthy information. 

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