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We just completed a major contract providing risk & vulnerability services at education institutions across the Southeast region of the USA. It’s one of the many type of word class site surveys that we provide. This Spring we will be launching a global program known as VRÁS. It will be specifically purposed for safety and security. It’s also vitally important. Why you ask? If you have children that’s easy to answer. Schools are places of large social gathering. Becoming a hard target is longer a recommendation, it’s a requirement.


We work with the schools leadership teams, faculty, students, and parents to identify what our survey data collection will consist of. We then create an easy information gathering platform. Things that we commonly look at include physical security, surveillance, access control, information security, and much more. Of coarse as you can imagine the specifics are not necessarily public information! While all this is taking place, we also commonly complete a detailed asset audit.


These type of surveys are not just for education institutions. They should be completed at corporate locations, large retail, and any other area of large social gathering. Whatever your position is, if your interested in what we do simply reach out to us. After all, it’s about safety.

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