Crisis Management

Natural disasters and critical incidents create wide spread panic. Employee safety remains at the forefront during such events. It’s vital for businesses that have employees in high risk areas to have a sound crisis management plan in place. Black Cell Global.Lifeline provides crisis response in areas of extreme environments. Our elite team of professionals customize your crisis plan to include emergency response, evacuation, communication, and business continuity.

Black Cell Special Operations Group offers our strategic solutions at unperilled levels. Our team consists of subject matter experts that have operated in high risk incidents all around the world. Providing real time response is what makes the difference.

Overview Of Capabilities

  • Our team is available for on demand consulting. We extensively review any existing crisis plans. Necessary recommendations for improvement will be provided following our assessments. We don’t deceive. If your existing plan is working, we don’t want you to change that. What we will provide is expert advice to make it even stronger. If your plan is lacking critical aspects, or no plan exists, we’re available to become your exclusive crisis management resource.

  • We have training courses available for any employee that will be located in at risk areas. Our course training objectives include crisis management procedures, situational awareness, first aid & medical aid, and more.

  • We develop a trusted platform that allows for tracking of employees stationed at designated risk areas. Whether a new employee traversing through the on boarding process, or an employee relocating, information is easily updated. We also monitor when employees depart permanently from the location, or even when they leave on vacation. This is important, because in the event of a critical incident, we can easily identify what employees are in that area. We can also implement proper logistical processing of any assets needed in that area.

  • We ensure a reliable means of communication and data is in place for at risk areas. This includes vital information that is needed for any notifications. Our platforms and applications remain available that allow for our team to properly track location by means of GPS. Our several compatible devices and application also include SOS signaling capability. When in duress, we will get you to safety.

  • We strategically design evacuation plans that can include all personnel. Customization can be completed that allows for situations where essential personnel needs to remain on-site. Evacuation capabilities include air, ground, and water. We complete redundancy planning, where a backup to the backup system exists.

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