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Trauma Station

The Emergency Trauma Station (ETS) ensures that organizations are prepared for medical emergencies. Every person falls into a category that Black Cell calls First Line of Response. From the time a person becomes a casualty, until professional medical response arrives, is deemed a critical timeframe. ETS allows for lifesaving equipment to be readily available, therefore sustaining life.


ETS contains a total of seven throw kits. Each throw kit contains illustrated instructions for administrating aid. ETS has the ability to be hardwired into an existing alarm system, allowing for instant notification when an emergency is underway.



  • Cabinet

  • Trauma Bag

  • 2x Ultra-light Poleless Litters

  • 7x Throw Kits

                Each Throw Kit contains:

  • 1x SOFTT-W-R

  • 1x 4" OLAES® Modular Bandage

  • 1x Petrolatum Gauze

  • 1x Tape Board

  • 1x Emergency Blanket

  • 1x Casualty Marking Card

  • 1x High-Resolution Instructional Card

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