Looking at this week, keeping the three hours assigned for work completion is good. We will not need to scale up by adding additional work hours.


Hourly Rate: $25.00

Weekly Project Hours: 3

If additional hours are needed, they will default to $20.00 per hour.

During times of increased focus, we can scale this up as needed, and then back down.



Blue.Zone Media will charge the Client $25.00 per hour. 3 hours of dedicated work per week will be allotted to the client. If additional weekly time is needed, Blue.Zone Media will first consult with the Client. The Client must give permission for additional charged work. During times of increased focus planned work, Client will be made aware of any additional charges that apply. Weekly charges must be collected on the respected Monday of each week.


  • Continued focus on the press release will take place. After Kim provides input, we will make revisions where needed. We will also continue to make modifications where needed. We are focusing heavily on strategy, and utilizing SEO.

  • We will continue to work with Kim as needed to help build the Bizzabo platform.

  • We will continue to build the media list as it applies to press releases and event locations. We will focus on completing the press release media list, consult with Kim on the list, and make contact as appropriate.

  • During this week, all social media platforms must be completed, and placed in a standby status. This includes having all info/bio sections completed, links assigned properly, and profile pictures updated.

  • We will begin to design the content for all social media platforms. This is projected to start 09/24/18. We will rely heavily on Instagram and Twitter to start. All social media platforms will be updated at the same time, with the same content. With Facebook, I want to talk about setting up “targeted group”.

  • We will focus on Kim’s LinkedIn bio section, and make strategic revisions where needed.

  • We will look at creating the first Blog article. I would like to have this completed during this week, if Kim is interested in moving forward with this. We will need to identify the first blog article, and begin drafting the text.

  • We will also begin to build the email communication funnels which is important to have in place well before October 1. As we talked about, October 1 is our hopeful go to for the email communications.

  • Kim mentioned consulting with the app developers. We need to set a time that is good for everyone, and make this happen. We need to discuss what strategic solutions can be incorporated in this app that will make this standout.



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