Global.Lifeline membership includes full access to our Global.Lifeline platform. Currently, members will have access to all of our features via web browser. Our platform is mobile friendly. Our mobile app is currently under development, and will be released soon. Once the mobile app is released, all existing members will have app access. Features that you'll have access to include: 


Global.Lifeline member pricing is $5.00 per month. After initial sign up, our team will contact you to determine if you'd like to be signed on with automatic drafted payments via email. We have several payment options to be released soon. After making your member payment, please sign up through our Global.Lifeline portal. Our team will verify payment, and approve your membership. 


  • Our Lifeline.Map, where users have access to view all current travel warnings, travel alerts, weather alerts, and critical incidents accross the globe. Users also have access to view all alerts reported by other users. 


  • Report It feature: Users can easily report incidents as they happen, and offer help/assistance to those in need. Our Ops Center updates all incoming Report It alerts after review. Once the app is launched, users will receive push notifications allowing for immediate notification. Users will also recieve push notifications from partnered emergency management agencies. 


  • Request It feature: Users can request live updated information from those in the area. Users can also request help from other users in the area. 


  • Global Response Unit: Users will have the capability to "Level Up", where our professinal team customizes your portfolio for response. This allows for overall customization of your travel insurance/rescue plan. 


  • Marketplace: Users will have access to our travel marketplace. Find incredible deals with things such as travel services, vacation packages, lodging, adventure sport packages, and more. Our marketplace is still under design, and is set to launch with our mobile app. 


  • We have many other features under design. As each feature is finalized, they will be integrated within our Global.Lifeline platform. Our overall mission with each new feature is to simplify travel, ensure overall safety with each one of our members, and make our emergency & disaster response solutions readily available. 

Global.Lifeline Membership


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