When you find yourself in a remote wilderness setting, it’s critical to have the needed life sustaining equipment readily available. This pack is purposed to meet your needs. Adventure sport athletes that push limits in extreme sports, scuba diving, wilderness guides, marine travel, and any other adventure where remote medicine applies this is for you.


Configure your pack that best fits your need by utilizing the included loop sets and pouches. Included are:

  • 18 Loop sets
  • 3 zippered mesh pouches
  • 1 gloves pouch (holds 10 pairs of gloves)
  • Surgical set insert



  • 4x SOF® Tactical Tourniquet - Wide
  • 5x 4" OLAES® Modular Bandage
  • 2x BLAST® Bandage
  • 1x Combat Gauze LE
  • 2x HALO Chest Seal
  • 3x REDI Splint
  • 3x Compressed Gauze
  • 10PR Nitrile Gloves XL
  • 1x Glove Pouch
  • 10x TacMed™ Combat Casualty Tag
  • 3x NPA
  • 3x LUBE
  • 2x 2" Surgical Tape
  • 2x Emergency Blanket
  • 1x Sharp Shuttle, Locking
  • 1x Med Patch
  • 2x Cravat
  • 1x 5.5" Trauma Shears

TACMED™ ANY MISSION PACK-Adventure Sport Series

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