Global.Lifeline's platform provides a peer to peer communication for safety, travel, emergency, and disaster incidents. Easily stay connected with your community. Our platform also serves as a bridge, connecting our users with local, state, and federal agencies.

Report & offer information for peer to peer sharing. 

If offering help, your offer will remain secure. Once we match your offer with a request, both users will be notified.

Request Information & Help

If the information is not found on our map, no worries. Easily request the information you need. Requests are pushed out to all users in the area.

Global Communication capabilities that include satellite, cellular, and web based technology. 

Satellite Communicator

  • SOS Alerting

  • Check In

  • Share Location

  • Two Way Messaging Via Email & SMS

  • View Activity Log

Tactical Operations Center

Our Tactical Operations Center (TOC) is responsible for monitoring all global communication platforms. Our TOC also commands all operations for emergency & disaster response. We use a multi-compatible platform that allows for seamless communication between varies devices.

Redundancy is critical when it comes to global communications. That’s why we use a secured backup system.

•24/7 Monitoring

•Travel Assistance

•Emergency Alerts

•Security Intelligence Monitoring

•Offsite secondary backup monitoring operations center

If a critical incident occurs, immediately stay connected with our operations center. 

Our Global Response Unit provides secure air transportation solutions.

  • Vacation travel

  • Natural disasters

  • Political unrest

  • Emergency evacuations

  • Security extractions

  • Corporate emergencies 


A Multi-Platform Approach

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